Posted by: fireweaver | September 10, 2006


remember speed, the card game you played between classes in jr.high?  it’s not rocket science, just put the cards in your hand onto the piles in front of you (drop one number above or below whatever is on the table) faster than the other person.

the online version is just as crack-tackular.  i just broke 11K, and finally died on round 25.  this could have something to do with why i never manage to go to bed at a decent hour.



  1. First time around in the morning 3+K on round 7. And I still have to study for biochem today.

  2. Oh man… my days might go by faster now on the slow days at work. Thanks, Chelle. This IS crack-tacular.

  3. […] usually, i find some mindless repetitive computer game and go on a little kick where i’m all crazy about it for a couple of weeks, then move on. apparently the speed game at is a rather lengthy kick. i’m officially placing in the tournaments now. my carpal tunnel does not thank me. […]

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