Posted by: fireweaver | September 13, 2006


this weekend, in a brief respite in the rain, i managed to get the last extra shelves painted to go in the library, and put the whole thing together. had to put a good bit of touch-ups on the other shelves i had, since the raw pine had bled through in a few places. let things dry for 1.5 days. all the books went up monday night, with me getting done around 10p.

damn. i have a lot of books.

apparently, i really missed them all a bunch too. i’m on the kind of bender where you devour a novel per day (which is to say, i’m halfway through the 3rd one in as many days), and i don’t take my books to work (to avoid the obvious total and complete lack of anything productive happening when you have a severe case of one-more-chapter-itis). i really had planned on cleaning the place up a bit before Kris came in tomorrow, but, well, i guess i’ll just have to get around to cleaning before the party saturday. Jim Butcher just can’t be denied.



  1. I love books. I need more room for shelves, but I just don’t have it. When I finally get a real house though, I’m going to have a library.

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