Posted by: fireweaver | September 26, 2006

some days, not so much worth getting out of bed.

traffic today to get to work was insane. apparently, there was a wreck on one of the major highways, which ended up in it all being diverted to the smaller surface road between my house and my job. sigh.

jason’s tank (pic from his time at JH)

i get to work today to discover that my attempts to treat my axolotl, Jason, were not successful. he’d been disinterested in food the last half of last week, so i knew something was off, so he got a partial water change and some aquarium salts in the water. when i came in monday, he was still with us, but obviously ill, definitely septicemic. i started him on antibiotics, but he just didn’t make it.

my boss, who i’ve said before is possibly the nicest person in the world, offered a bit of her property out in the country to bury him in (my little yard complete with dog not an ideal spot). everyone else at work was very sympathetic today.

the last tiny straw was that tonight, after getting back from the store with various household necessities & some blue iris bulbs to plant with Jason, i was mowing the lawn since the intermittent rain has made it both jungle-y lush and impractical to mow. in the twilight, i hit a rock, and completely mangled the frame that houses the blades. i think i’ve finally killed that old thing this time.

all hail to the FSM that tomorrow things might start evening out.


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