Posted by: fireweaver | September 27, 2006

not a complete surprise, but still pleasant

my boss says to me this morning, “let’s just leave after the committee meeting.” so i head out a bit after her (had to finish up a project i was working on with one of the other vets), go to my house to let Sheba run around for a bit and collect Jason from the freezer and the blue iris bulbs i’d gotten, and then off to her house.

i’ve said it before, but again anyway: my boss is one of the nicest people ever. i mean, seriously, giving up a bit of her flowerbed for an employee’s pet? *way* above & beyond. as a stroke of kismet, she happens to have a plethora of irises planted under her huge old-growth trees out back, so we just added 3 more to the existing bed. it was the perfect place for him.
later on, the aforementioned other vet came out to drop off a kitten for my boss’ son, and the 3 of us spent a couple of hours on the porch gossiping about work old & current over a glass of wine. the breeze, the sunset, the company, and even the hilly drive home were all very soothing. a far better day than yesterday.


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