Posted by: fireweaver | September 28, 2006

islands in the stream

we had a meeting today where our company’s 401k plan rep came in to discuss “retirement planning” with everyone.

a couple of days ago, i was chatting with one of our office ladies about the concept (she was full of questions about the mutual fund’s portfolio and all).  i said “retirement  is like some little island off the coast of australia.  you can be aware of the concept, but really, it’s way over there and you have no real frame of reference.”

so, today, the australian island’s ambassador showed up in his v.corporate suit to speak this odd language of not working later…highly ironic for someone who just left academia for the real world a few short months ago.   during some of the more esoteric parts about logging into your account online (i don’t have one and can’t for another 4 months or so), i was musing on how some professions still mandate the conservatism of the classic suit & crew cut hair…and being amused by his boyish jawline and patch of white hair over one temple that nearly demanded i raise my had to ask about his recent brain surgery.

we got done with the meeting (as i suspected, even whilst paying off student loans & mortgage, i should also sock away more $ i can’t spare now for later), and later on, one of my techs came to the office to ask about borrowing a book.  “the 401k guy was cute, huh?” she said.

yeppers, indeed.  or was it that we’re all still drawn to a man in a suit as a symbolic respectable breadwinner?


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