Posted by: fireweaver | October 3, 2006

e-visit to my new house

sheba out back

the pics are finally up for my new place, so come take an e-tour and sass me over the colors i picked for the walls. there’s a description on each pic, as well as notes within each one, so it’s totally like i’m walking you through the place.



  1. So good to see Sheba again. Nice sitting area.

  2. Sweet! I bet it feels quite nice getting settled into your VERY OWN new place. I can’t wait to come see it all in person sometime… 🙂

  3. Great new digs! Love Sheba and the turtle. The library is awesome!!!!!!

  4. Can’t believe Sheba is still alive!!!! Seems a hundred years ago we went and picked her up from the pound. I guess we’ve all gone a long way since then, eh?

  5. LOVE the bedroom color. Your house is fabulous, Chelle !! I also love your library. You were right in that we’re both book horders together.

  6. ‘Chelle house looks great! I can’t believe it has been something like 10 years since Sheeba came home with you. I still have fond memories of dognapping her for frisbee play at the park or the uh-oh mom is goign to kill me look when she ate a few bags of chips and some cookies. Sorry to hear about Jason; I don’t think you had him last time we visited. Very cool looking critter.

  7. Wow! I almost feel like I have been there!

  8. I love it! It is very you! and Aubrey would so love it, her tiny little hands would be everywhere and she’d scale those bookshelves like a pro! he he he

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