Posted by: fireweaver | October 3, 2006

geniuses strike again

so, recently, a couple dozen NZW rabbits were “liberated” from an antibody-production lab in the boston area. ALF claimed responsibility on their website, “freeing the animals to the wild” and all.

kids, when you’re going to do something all noble, please take the time to pull your head out of your ass. the W in “New Zealand White” means, uh, white. as in: that’s what color the nice plump meat-breed rabbits are. that’ll make it real easy for the feral dogs or whatever predator roams the boston area to find their tasty, healthy, lab-bred snack. i’m sure being savaged by wild dogs (who are not under federal mandate to reduce and prevent pain & distress in USDA-regulated species, like rabbits) is a far better outcome than chilling in the cage.

way to go, morons.



  1. I’m sure they’ll have an easy time finding food in downtown Boston too.. especially, since they’ve never had to do it before. There’s a reason the animal research building at UT was not labelled , had no windows, and required background testing to work in. People were shocked to find out we had one, let alone that I worked there.

  2. ‘Chelle, we all know that these fluffy bunny, feel good Bambi loving types have no real concept of the world. Those poor bunnies are probably as helpless as a ferret would be. I suppose ALF will be asking Wiley E. to be kind to the bunnies too. Of course what can we expect from people who think Mona is an opressed slave. I am pretty damn sure she doesn’t want to be anywhere but in bed with the people eating people food. Sigh. Idiots.

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