Posted by: fireweaver | October 3, 2006

the best things in life

aren’t so much free, but do involve good times with your peeps.

tonight was “harvest moon celebration” dinner at iron bridge.

mmmmmm, iron bridge. and fun times with people i don’t get to see every day anymore.

menu tonight:

Amuse Bouche
Wild Mushroom Bisque finished with Sherry
Domaine Maestracci “E Prove” Vermentino, Corsica, France
Domaine de Montmeix Bourgogne Rouge, Burgundy, France

First Course
Fennel Pork Sausage, Apple Cider Braised Brussels Sprout
Montes “Alpha” Chardonnay, Curico Valley, Chile
Kaiken Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina

Second Course
Juniper Marinated Venison
with Mascarpone, Pancetta, Pumpkin Risotto
Edmunds St. John “Blonk!”, Paso Robles, California
Stephen Vincent “Crimson”, California

Dessert Course
Apple Tart Tatin with Bourbon Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Selaks Ice Wine, Marlborough, New Zealand Cream

heaven is so found in a plate with a pair of glasses beside it.



  1. wow, that sounds heavenly ! (except maybe for the brussel sprouts)

  2. The thrilling thing about the internet is that I can enjoy a virtual dinner with you and reciprocate. Please join me: At the food bank yesterday (no, I am not welfar garbage, just what’s left of a hit & run), I was able to get macaroni and cheese, but no milk or butter, so we make it with water and still enjoy the fake cheddar flavor with pasta. Canned green beans, French cut (fancy) sans amandine. Most people in my town drink filtered water or bottled water, but we will have tap water with the pasta course, first, and green beans, second. Conversation is sparkling.

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