Posted by: fireweaver | October 23, 2006

costume time, part 1

yesterday, i was at the PA renfest with the usual suspects, and it was kind of “meh” this year. i think the major problem (if one can honestly say that essentially going to a nerdfest amusement park constitutes any type of problem) was that none of us was really into it this weekend. i’d just gotten back from being out of the house & up late & being “on” and social for 1.5 weeks straight, and i was still tired, damnit. Beth was feeling a bit under the weather, and with a cold snap just hitting (i had to give up this am and actually turn on the heater) and a light drizzle in the late afternoon, the actual weather wasn’t helping much. Vi’s been distracted by other outside influences. only George was blissfully tromping along, in his velvet cod-piece’d tights (which is every bit as amusing as it sounds). we did have a pretty good time, but really, i was kind of wondering if the short day (PA fest didn’t open until 11, and closed at 8p) was worth getting up way early & driving all over the place for. Vi mentioned in the car on the way home how much she misses the TX renfest…and that’s probably a huge part of it too: all the local wine they served at the place was vile, so other than a few samples, i unintentionally stayed detox-ing (chaucer’s mead, how do i miss thee?). we *so* miss the big-ass fried mushrooms, and the gardens that the TX peeps have stashed everywhere, and fun times with uncle Gene (tho Oberon, king of the fairies has long been making movies in minneapolis these years). i *do not* miss ded bob. one thing always the same, of course, is the quantity of chickies smoking slut-crack, since, ladies, someone failed to tell you that it’s hilariously ironic for you to be wearing the tabard of the knights templar (in leather, of course), with approximately nothing else.

while walking past a show in progress, i caught sight of a short-haired woman in a wheelchair wearing a very well done noblewoman’s costume and a domino mask (lots of masks around this time for the halloween-themed weekend). a plain-clothes, early 50s-ish woman standing behind the chair was gesturing towards the stage saying, “look over there!” in a tired, harried voice. then i noticed how the girl’s hand twisted to clutch the cup in her lap, and how her head lolled a bit to the side, and her mother (?) had to wipe her mouth. while i really want to commend that woman for trying to give her child the fullest life possible, and putting up with so much more than i think i’d be able to handle (intractably ill people make me amazingly uncomfortable. ask me about my great grandmother in the nursing home sometime), the whole dressing her up like a doll thing just really creeped me out.

generally, costumes are *so* my thing.  this time, it was one of those tossed-together with stuff i already had hanging around events.  there’s better fabric stores around here, and the sewing machine has been set up the whole time, but  i just couldn’t work up the energy to brainstorm a new outfit this year, after new house/new job/conferences/etc.

now all we have to do is fig out wtf we’re doing for halloween.



  1. I can tell you what was missing!!! Me!!!! You got all spoiled last year.

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