Posted by: fireweaver | October 29, 2006

costume time, part 2

last night was Beth & George’s annual halloween costume party (sadly, far fewer people felt the need to dress up than in previous years…c’mon, people, don’t be lame!), and i just *felt* like dressing up so much more than last weekend.  well, i felt like it yesterday, but hadn’t previous to that, so i spent most of yesterday afternoon running around shopping for the last minute things i needed.

it all started with a cute little black box-pleated skirt i scored on clearance for a teeny $3.  i mean, you never know when a slutty little schoolgirl skirt is going to come in handy, right? it’s been hanging out in my closet ever since, and as of yesterday, became a whole ensemble with a fitted white 3/4 sleeve shirt, white small-weave fishnet tights cut off at the top of the leg to be stockings (already had a nice garter belt), and a super blue & grey argyle plaid tie.

the kick was when i showed up at Vi’s house for our party-carpool, she was dressed as gogo yubari, so we had an inadvertent bad schoolgirl double feature.  teehee!



  1. I luv it! I luv it! I luv it!

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