Posted by: fireweaver | November 1, 2006

costume time, part 3

i asked one of the office ladies about a month ago if this was the sort of place that dressed up for halloween. “‘uh, no.” ok, well strike that off, since it’s always a pain anyway due to the elaborate trappings my costumes tend to have.

meanwhile, monday, one of the other vets is going on about how he & a couple of the techs were totally going to dress up for work. had a whole story about his pirate costume, how his family had matching ones, what it was made of, how he was *definitely* wearing it tuesday.

of course, i was the only person in the office that showed up costumed. i was so going to smack him upside the head. thank fsm i didn’t go with one of my more flashy work-wearable options, like the pirate-y stuff from this year’s ren faire, or the 60’s afro w/snakeskin shirt & bellbottoms stuff from fells point 2 years ago. i had my hair in two braids, with a denim & flannel shirt, boots, jeans, my white cowboy hat, and a *ginormous* belt buckle i’d made out of political tracts & duct tape. so it was shiny silver, but obviously tacky. told everyone i had a terrifying costume and said, “vote republican, ya’ll.”

obviously, this wasn’t going to be flashy enough to wear out to fells point, so i had to dress it up a little after i got home. found a canister lid just the right size to be a skoal can, tucked that in my back pocket. had a coil of rope dangling off the other hip. hot glued some big ass silvery rhinestones in a star on my duct tape belt buckle, and rocked on.

i’d decided to bail out on the schoolgirl costume since a)i thought it’d be kind of cold outside b)it does have a tendency to ride up in the back, and i wasn’t really interested in any mardi gras-type grabby shenanigans c)everyone else was going to be dressed as a whore anyway. cowboy/girl was pretty popular this year, too, though.

Vi dressed again in her Gogo costume from saturday (because i told her it KICKED ASS), and this time, Justin got into the act in a suit & tie with a crazy 88s mask & oriental sword. they made a *phenomenal* pair. Vivian was totally oblivious to the excited pointing in her wake, “omg, it’s totally that chick in ‘kill bill’!!” and refused to enter the costume contest with Justin, though they were easily one of the better ones out there. her spiked ball & chain really made the whole thing, and got several “woah!” looks from people due to the fabulous noise. *i* would have f’ed up and made it with plastic chain to keep the weight down, but while she did the ball and spikes in styro, the chain is actual metal chain, so sounds just like the real thing did in that sequence of the movie.

trends this year included (of course) short skirts of all types (Brian: “oh, look, there’s a slutty cop.  and a slutty stewardess.  slutty princess.  and, uh, a slutty hooker.”),  plenty of pirates,  and at least 4 maimed steve irwins.  the weirdest trend this year was men with no pants on. lots of guys in dress shirts, or shirt & tie, and tighty whities. bonus points for anyone who can share some insight on that one.



  1. Maybe the guys in shirts with tighty whities was a tribute to the Tom Cruise of yore.

  2. you know, i asked one of them if he was having a ‘risky business’ moment, and he had NO idea what i was talking about.

  3. I am guessing Mark Foley chasing pages.

  4. I sooooo wore the buttondown and boy briefs this year but that’s because I was in a “concept costume. ” And the reason I did it. . .well, let’s just hope those boys weren’t going for the same look.

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