Posted by: fireweaver | November 3, 2006


it’s like a zippo with just a whiff of ronsinol fumes. click, click, but no fire.

man, i kinda hate this dating shit. wherefore the days where i’d just fall madly in love with a good buddy for several years at a time?

oh yeah: there’s a time and a place for everything, and it’s called college.

sigh.  well, now that one is out of college, one has the internet.  this time around, i’d been emailing & chatting with a v.nice guy for a couple of weeks, then i had to head off to AALAS out of state for 1.5 weeks, then *he* headed out of state for vacation for 1.5 weeks, and now that we’re all back and have recovered from our various plane trips, we could finally actually meet up.  which is to say, i had a nice dinner out tonight (dutch) with some good wine and hours of good stories about politics, philanthropy, argentina, bad bus trips, family, alice TX, wacky college friends, and the magical healing powers of red wine.  neither one of us, however, apparently felt the need to clear the table of the wasteland of dinnerware to throw one another on the table.  haven’t the slightest how he feels about me, whether he’s just a laid-back non-aggressive sort of guy, or just wasn’t feeling it.  as for me, to get past my getting-to-know-you shyness (stop laughing, assholes, shy/self-conscious, same thing.) ya gotta be ***scorching*** hot +/- i gotta be reeeeeely drunk before i’m going to be driven mad with lust by a stranger.

i know, i know, don’t push, give it time, see how it plays out, etc etc etc.  it’s prolly all those super girly movies i watch every day convincing me that lust/love at first sight is a reasonable expectation.

would i see him again?  well, hell yeah, he’s witty and he tells a good story.  and really, if you got storytime down, what else do you need?



  1. hey, sometimes that “throw you on the table” part takes some cultivating. I’d definitely give him a second date if he’s cute and can carry a good conversation.

    I’m still laughing at the thought of YOU being shy… you (and Meehan) were the first people to say “hi” to me in Texas. AWW.

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