Posted by: fireweaver | November 6, 2006

recruiting office

i got an email from a classmate of mine a couple of days ago.  one of his former techs is now in her 2nd year in vet school, and he was wondering if i’d be willing to talk with her about lab animal med.  “of course,” i said, “i’m always willing to recruit people to the dark side.  just kidding, pathology is the dark side.”  she emailed today, and i get the idea that it’s just a thought at this time, not a full-fledged career jump just yet, so she got back a v.v.lengthy discussion of how to decide if this is your gig.  we have a major shortage of lab animal vets, so ya gotta do what ya can to help the pipeline out…

and meanwhile, a colleague sent me a different website for pbs than the one i’d already seen… and this one had a link to the discussion board for the show.  by noonish today, it was already filling up with “oh, this is heartbreaking, all research should be outlawed, i’ve got to donate money to the sanctuaries now!”  i mean, wow, the power of subtly stating one’s opinion cloaked as objective journalism, but there wasn’t a single dissent in 30 posts.  obviously, a girl’s gotta jump in with the facts, so just guess who i am over there.  never give up an opportunity to tell an honest story about what we do in research-land, and maybe we can have less bombs on people’s doorsteps.



  1. Nice job, monkeydoc! You make an Aggie proud! 😉

  2. Did someone seriously compare you/lab researchers to Nazis !!??? You’ve GOT to be kidding me !!!

  3. Christine – everyone gets compared to nazi’s at some point.

    And GO YOU! I wish I could be a lab animal vet. I just don’t want to travel to go to vet school. Oh well. I’m just going to continue corrupting young women instead ;P

  4. Dangit. You made me post. Gawd those people are irritating. I should learn to fight the need to fight with teh stoopid.

  5. I agree with your opponents, Michelle. It makes me angry to see “sad” monkeys on outdated tv documentaries about research facilities. . .Let’s stop researching. I think that the way people treat each other due to religious beliefs and politics is inhumane also, so I say anarchy and godlessness for everyone. Middleschool brats are inhumane so I say let’s end schooling at the 4th grade level. It’s inhumane not to let immigrants here illegally because we do have a better life than most. . .that settles it, it’s decided, I am not going to work tomorrow, instead I will start campaigning to open the borders.

    For those who don’t know me. . .I’m being sarcastic.

    Really, how can people be so uneducated that they can’t see the whole picture. When each person that exists truly realizes that the world functions beyond the primary level of self. . .maybe then there would be less stupidity to deal with.

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