Posted by: fireweaver | November 9, 2006

fish adventures

i hit the international market yesterday after work, since they have *way* better produce – both in selection & quality – than the regular store, and i was totally out of fruit. whilst there, i decided to pick up something for dinner, and ended up deciding on fish. Asian people (it’s a korean-run store) eat a mighty plethora of fish, so there was a whole lot to choose from. feeling all adventurous, i went with something i’d never heard of before called hake (tho when the nice guy packaged it up for me, the printed label said “sea trout”), which i think i picked out based on the interesting black & white pattern of the skin.

basic fish recipe: melt (don’t burn) a bit of butter in your pan, and sautee some diced garlic and green onion in there. sprinkle dried dill, rosemary (none of that for Suz), and tarragon on one side of your filet/steak fish, put fish herb-side-down in pan. sprinkle same herbs on back side, flip. cover with a lid, flip every so often til done. when it’s cooked through, turn up the heat to high, splash in some white wine to deglaze pan, let it reduce a bit, serve fish over/with rice.

it’s generally a screw-up proof recipe, and produces show-off worthy results with every white-fleshed fish i’ve tried from catfish to halibut. this time, wine was good, fish not so much. it had a weird dry texture in huge flakes and a distinctly fishy flavor, all of which reminded me of the cheapo stuff used for fish sticks. according to gorton’s fish glossary:

“Of the same family as cod and similar in many respects, hake is more coarsely grained with a slightly stronger flavor.”

well, doesn’t that explain it all. like cheapo cod, but stinkier. so kids, for future reference, don’t go with hake.

and then, after half a bottle of tasty wine, i ended up napping on the couch after dinner, and not making it to my real bed until 1 this am, which means there were no posts yesterday, so now i’m not an unofficial nablopomo participant anymore. no pretend fun & prizes for me.


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