Posted by: fireweaver | November 12, 2006

blinded by the blonde

ah, craigslist. home of people who love a free place to tell their stories, find an apartment, or shop for futons/dates. the ‘best of’ section is always good for a laugh or 20, and sometimes actually counts as insightful. this is most definitely one of my fave (non-hilarious) posts. only in my personal case, i’m going to say it’s all about being blinded by my big white ass.

oh, and went out again tonight with the nice guy from last week. more with the 3 hours of storytelling over dinner. apparently, there is actual interest, he just needed a spot of time to work up to making his move. 😉



  1. that is AWESOME ! I officially love whoever wrote that.

  2. […] d.c, wow, this place is all full of the shallow bitches, and i’m using that term to refer to both sexes. i swear i’ve seen more vanity plates […]

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