Posted by: fireweaver | November 12, 2006

small world

the basement in my new house is all nicely finished in, with a full bath down there, making it an ideal guest bedroom. i’ve been looking around (ok, not very much) for a futon to stash down there, and found a couple that would work out while perusing craigslist last night. i was focusing on things right around my particular area, because all the stuff in VA is kind of a pain in the ass to get to (really only one big highway crosses the potomac, so there isn’t a direct route to get to places that would otherwise be not too far away). a guy emailed me back this am, and said today would be fine to pick it up, give him a call. my next-door neighbor was kind enough to let me borrow his suv, so i call the guy up. “hi, this afternoon is still a good time, right? can i get the address?” him: “yeah, it’s number bla-bla.” me: “you are totally lying. bla-bla court or bla-bla lane?” “uh, lane.” “let me guess, you’re the for-sale sign just partway down the block. i can see your house out my front window.”

sho’nuff, it was simpler to just walk the futon pieces between our houses than to try to load up the truck.

so: there’s a place to crash out in the guest room/library now, with a nice thick mattress. houseguests, head on over.



  1. Woo Hoo!!! My room is ready!

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