Posted by: fireweaver | November 13, 2006


1. dropped off the car to finish up some steering wheel work before the warranty ran out, at a dealership where a colleague’s spouse works. while waiting for them to finish up my paperwork, we stroll along on the sales floor, where she says hi to a salesman she knows. “this is michelle, she’s a veterinarian with my company too. she wants to test drive a lotus here some day soon when it’s not rainy.” *poof*, i’m a respectable adult & all. i love my work friend.

2. the futon that i bought yesterday came with a denim cover. i want black or charcoal grey to match the b&w thing i have going with the art & throw pillows down in the library. so off to walmart for a bottle of rit. whilst dyeing things in the basement sink (note to peeps from the homeland: clothes washers here tend to be in the basement, and they tend to drain into crappy plastic sinks. great place to rinse paint brushes or dye futon covers.), it occurs to me that i have a couple of shirts & pants that are faded but not frayed. clothes proceed to get a little dose of re-blacking, which thusfar is working out as expected.

3. those ladies in the reynolds wrap commercials keep telling me that aluminum foil is the way to go for storage of stuff in the freezer. so, a good bit over a month ago, i’m shopping along at the international market (if it wasn’t for trader joe’s cheese & granola selection, i’d just become korean so i could blend in there), and they have NY strip steaks for crazy cheap. only sold in 2+ packs. i cook & eat one, store the other like those rw ladies told me to. thawed steak overnight in fridge, unwrapped it when i arrived home today, and lo! no shit, those ladies don’t lie. kiddos, beef after a month in the freezer always ends up grey & mushy when i’ve defrosted it. not so with the aluminum foil storage method, steak was just as tastyfine as the day i bought it. who knew?


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