Posted by: fireweaver | November 16, 2006

bottoms out?

so, apparently, when you finally get around to buying a house, other real estate companies have purchase-radar.  or else, i just live in a way hotter “buy me now” zone of the state.  i get insane quantities of flyers & postcards in the mail advertising new housing developments, which is silly considering just how not-long i’ve been in this house (certainly not long enough to get sick of it by any means).

everyone says the real estate market up here (here?  everywhere?  it’s been nutty here about since i moved to MD, so…how’s the market elsewhere?) has been slowing down in the last 6 months, and the proof finally showed up in the mail.

wacky scheme on this particular flyer, go check out the basic gist at artery homes at maple valley‘s site… not only are they trying to whore off their prefab houses about 1.5-2 hours away from my work during traffic (which is to say, anywhere near civilization, since i’m *outside* d.c. by a good shot), but also, they’re trying to lure you in with a “free” prius, “for your new energy-efficient garage.”  as in, the offer is, buy our house, get a car.  these things are ballparking at about $22k, so i’m sure they can hide that in a $400k price tag on the house, but still.  wacky.


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