Posted by: fireweaver | November 20, 2006

astral alignment

so, you know, sometimes everybody’s stars line up just right.

i was chatting with my friend Candace today, and she was telling me all about the spectacular weekend she just had, full of concerts, good times with friends, and a night of (flattering-not-creepy) attention at a bar when out with the girls.

well, hell, me too.  i had one of those deliriously giddy weekends that rolls around about once a year if you’re really good and remember to not step on cracks (avoid breaking mom’s back)/DO step on cracks (breaking devil’s back).

friday night, a good friend came over and we stayed up forever chatting & sipping on champagne, had a total undergrad moment and i didn’t see my bed until 4am.

saturday, i hit not one but 3 wine tastings. i was meeting Di & her sister up at iron bridge for their gala holiday tasting – one room full of white, the other full of red, with plenty of food and bread and cheese. on my way home from that one, i was stopping in to a liquor store that i know happens to carry the hard cider i like, and lo, there were 7ish bottles out on their counter. bonus, they also carry the honeyed goat cheese i haven’t been able to find since the cheese seller stopped coming to the b’more farmers’ market. on my way home from the 2nd store, i stopped by the little place behind my neighborhood since their saturday tastings are small but always very good. after chilling at home for an hour (ok, ensuring sobriety), i headed up north a bit to go to a “shrimp feed” with my fave girls from work. we had a night of hanging out at the vfw hall (there was an actual *tank* outside the place) eating fried shrimp and mocking hicks before the wailing country torch song karaoke was inflicted on us. hilarity was had by all.

sunday was a day of running around town with Vivian (man i miss having her just 6 min down the road) & Bruce at the b’more farmers’ market, getting some tasty vietnamese food, and chilling with a margarita.

in text, it sounds more routine than it really was.  seriously, though, it was the kind of giddy that elicited a raised eyebrow from one of the girls at work when she asked how mine was and i said, “SUPER!!!” perhaps a bit too enthusiastically.  hopefully, everyone else had a good weekend too.  with the short work week breezing on by, maybe we can do it again longer in a couple more days.


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