Posted by: fireweaver | November 26, 2006

same ol’, same ol’

or, ‘this weekend in movies’.

friday night, we hit the new chris guest movie, ‘for your consideration.’ basically, if you’ve seen any one of his movies, you know if you like ’em or not, and this one doesn’t stray far from the faux documentary mold. instead of mocking idiot rockers or idiot folk singers, this time, we’re mocking the frenzy of hollywood around awards season. the problem here, as with pretty much any of guest’s mockery-fests, is that he’s kind of shooting fish in a barrel. ‘best in show‘ is still my fave, but come on, if you’ve ever met any dog breeders, yeah, they really are that flavor of crazy, and a straight-shot documentary (like the one added on as a special feature behind ‘strictly ballroom‘) of any zany subculture of people points out the insanity clearly enough. chunks of the movie’s dialogue is improvised, wacky people say wacky things, and much hilarity ensues, but all in all, it’s rather disposable.

saturday, i met up with the crew in b’more to check out whether or not daniel craig‘s flick lives up to the hype of “best bond film ever”. eh, well, sort of. i’m wholeheartedly in agreement with a review i found a few days ago that said that this is the stripped-down, deconstructed bond, with craig moving like a jungle cat all lean & graceful. this guy isn’t (yet?) the suave, worldly ladies man. he’s cold and fast and very to the point, with none of the sly pauses to toss off pithy quips at the camera. does he want his martini shaken or stirred? “does it look like i give a damn?!” Vivian was sad that there wasn’t the usual plethora of gadgetry conveniently lying around the place (yup, peeps, no Q or R at all). in this outing, they’ve traded in the techie toys and the polished smoothness for a dose of reality: people bleed when they get their asses kicked, they sweat & cry when they get tortured. i suppose you have to decide for yourself if you’re ok with the more raw & real bond…but it’s exciting for it to actually be believable, without the constant assurance that our hero is going to easily escape the dastardly (retarded) plan to kill him. you’ll know in the first 10 minutes how you feel about the modern version: instead of the tech-fueled car chases of old, with excitement provided by pushing buttons in the car’s dash, we have the best chase scene ever *on foot*. gorgeous to watch, and vicariously scary as hell.


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