Posted by: fireweaver | November 27, 2006

because my mom rocks

Vivian has been searching for a good flan recipe for a while now, so i asked my mother to send me hers (being as how it kicks ass and always ends up silky-smooth). here’s what i got:

baking a perfect flan takes some practice, and you have to know your oven intimately. here goes: small, for 4 people: 1 can sw. evap. milk, 3 eggs, 1 teaspoon good vanilla, 1/2 can water. gently and i mean gently, stir all together. you do not want to incorporate any air into this sweet goddess food. let it stand in the bowl to rest while you carmelize the sugar. in a heavy small saucepan, 3/4 cup sugar. turn it on med high, and watch it closely, and i mean like a virgin on her first date. stir occasionally till the sugar starts to melt. it will be golden brown, then continue to stir another few minutes till all is melted and no crystals remain. remove from the heat, immediately pour into a corning-like baking dish. carefully, tip the dish on its side and roll it around ’till the carmelized sugar coats the sides as high up as you can get it. work fast, because it cools very quickly. then stir the custard again, and pour it onto the sugar and then put the dish into ! a waterbath in the oven. bake at 325-350 for about 45 minutes. now the trick to the success of this dish. a knife inserted in the middle will almost come out clean when it is done, but it will still be jiggly. absolutely do not overbake it!!!! i will have to have you punished. cool on the counter for a while, then put in the fridge overnight. be patient. it is worth it. run a knife around the edge, invert onto a plate, scrape the thick syrup onto the top, and enjoy this orgasmic treat from the mexican gods. good luck. i usually make a double size, just double the ingredients, and it will make a 7″ custard about 1 1/2 inches high. it is very rich, as you remember. let me know how it turns out. if you double the recipe, bake for an hour. do not overbake. if there is a tiny bit on the knife, its done. dont overbake. love you, s


  1. “like a virgin on her first date”. I love your mom !

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