Posted by: fireweaver | November 28, 2006

stuff’ll kill ya has an article up about “a to z, the year in medicine,” which i’m finding ever so fascinating. like a little 11-page storytime about all the hot-button health issue for the past 12 months, sadly without original references, but full of fun trivia.

i roll my eyes just as much as the next guy about bozos careening across lanes while blathering on their cell phones, but i just haven’t been sold on the idea of hands-free sets (they’re required whilst driving in dc). i know that at least for me personally, the distraction comes from bla-bla’ing at you, not from having something in my hand, or else my am cup of tea would be ever so deadly. well, check this out:

Think you’re safer because you talk on a hands-free cell phone while driving? Think again. Using either type of phone while trying to drive a car is roughly equivalent to driving with a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.08%

again, i wish to hell it had refs so i could go check out the entirety of the study, but that’s still good to know.



  1. Although, I’d still like to point out that the woman who almost BACKED INTO ME while I was walking into work this morning…. was driving with one hand and talking into her phone while her two kids were still (unrestrained) in the back of her Mercedes.

    She didn’t appreciate it when I banged on her trunk to get her attention so she would not run me over. (the nerve of me)

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