Posted by: fireweaver | November 29, 2006


today, i dumped somebody.

anyone who knows me, and knows my odd little hang-ups re: my love life, knows this is a really odd happening. all the self-confidence i possess evaporates instantaneously when you start talking about Relationships (as in capital-R, as opposed to professional or friendly ones) . i’ve done very very stupid things when someone tells me i’m pretty. sad, but true.

so there’s this guy i’ve been out with a grand total of 3 times. we’ve been chatting online & all for a good 2 months total now, so i think i knew what i was getting into with him, and i think i gave it a good fair shake: long enough to know him well enough to fig out if it was going to work or not, not so long as to drag out things unnecessarily. and ya know? just no spark. we had what one of my johnny-h girlfriends called “just-friend dates.” i felt a bit like an ingrate, since he’s smart, educated, articulate, genuinely nice… but the man just doesn’t light me on fire. i’m discussing the situation monday night with a friend, and she says, “well, that chemistry thing is kind of mutual, right? probably, he’s not all super into you either.”

sent him the very short, very to-the-point, as-uncruel-as-possible email today (this guy has a severe aversion to the phone), and promptly discovered my friend’s theory to be rather wrong. he emailed back with a quickness, something to the effect of “i thought we were doing really well, but you can’t argue with the no chemistry theory,” and has called me twice. i’ve avoided the phone both times. i can’t possibly think of anything to say to him that would avoid coming off as hurtful (“no, seriously, there’s nothing wrong with you, you just don’t do it for me at all.”) , and he really doesn’t deserve that. sigh.



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