Posted by: fireweaver | December 7, 2006

best laid plans

i developed this master plan about 2 weeks ago wherein i go on a very brisk (“Bob speed,” for all my JH peeps) little half hour walk when i get home from work each day. my diet is very healthy, my thyroid checks out as ok, so obviously, my ass size is due to the fact that i’m a very lazy lil monkey (ape, whatever). this plan has been working out pretty good, except of course for nights where i’m out, saturdays where i’m devouring the entire 2nd season of ‘house’ courtesy of my boss’ daughter’s dvd collection, and evenings where i’m busy making horrible phone calls.

it was still pretty warm when i left work, didn’t quite need the long coat i was wearing. after chilling at home with a round of luxor, i trot on out tonight in my yoga pants and bouncy shoes, and am somewhat shocked at the temperature. “jesus christ!” i’m gasping. hmmm, it’s got to be down to the high 40s at least…

it takes me about 3/4 of a block before my lungs are brittle with ice crystals and my ears are threatening mutiny over this frostbite thing, so i head back. oh-ho, lookie here: informs me that in the short hour i’ve been home, the temp has dropped down to 34, with wind gusts up to 40ish. oh. according to the 10-day forecast, we’re not breaking 50 until next week at the earliest. damnit, now i’m going to have to come up with an alterna-plan for getting back to my high school pant size.




    These are 8 essential dumbell excersizes – you might like, it’s nothing crazy.
    Or you could take a yoga class at your local YMCA.

    hope this helps,

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