Posted by: fireweaver | December 13, 2006


i stopped in for my follow-up appointment at the occ-health dr’s office yesterday, and my pox-ination was officially declared functional.  after the horror stories some of the office crew told me (1.  taking days off of work due to the fever & heinous body aches,  2.  the tech who asked for his vaccine in his hip so as to not f’up a tattoo on his shoulder, who subsequently lost the use of that leg for a week when his groin lymph node swelled up so large as to pinch off the nerve), i was really unimpressed with the pair of wee bubbles on my arm for the 4 days following my needle pokes.  round about sunday, the virus felt like accomplishing something, and by tuesday for my check up, there was a nice (tho disappointingly non-circular) 1cm blister there.  well, today, something’s up…i feel like an itty bitty mule has kicked me in that arm.  i guess i’ll start taking aleve again tonight.

last night when i got home from the dr’s office, there was a white box on my doorstep that i’d not ordered.  lo!  it contained a box of 4 perfect little filets mignon and a box of various breakfasty breads, all on a couple bags of dry ice, from our company’s CEO.  sweet!  adult jobs rock!

back at JH, someone had asked if we could move towards an electronic (paperless) medical record system for our animals.  5ish vendors came in to demo their systems at various times, and one was clearly a better program than the others, so after a long debate over the $, we signed their contract…and promptly nothing happened.  there were way too many people asking for way too many modifications that were really unnecessary, and it’s just now getting around to being implemented there more than a year later.  well, we met up with the same vendor at the AALAS meeting, and i had them come in to demo the system at my new place a few weeks ago.  *poof* we’re already tentatively going to get this.  wow.  adult jobs in industry rock!


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