Posted by: fireweaver | December 14, 2006

your daily random wtf

ok, kids, quick question: are the foo fighters starting back over as a cover band?

i’m in the office this am, and a guitar is wailing along on some rather familiar mournful melody, which the xm informs me is “baker street”…then i fig out what’s different with this picture: i’m used to hearing it as a mournful saxophone instead. after the cover of prince’s “darling nikki” that was all over the radio last year, i was going to have to be sad that we’re now to the point of mining the 80s for music as well as bad movies. apparently, this one was a b-side from a single a few years ago, so i can stop rolling my eyes wondering if at this poing in their careers they aren’t past doing covers to get by. at least “nikki” was interesting, this one just sounds like they couldn’t find a good sax player.


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