Posted by: fireweaver | December 16, 2006

and the pendulum keeps swinging

ok, all the results can stop now.

thursday, we had our work holiday party.  i was wearing a wool-blend sweater that’s occasionally known to be a little itchy, so i didn’t really think anything of scratching a little.  when i went to bed thursday night, there was a charming red bulls-eye all around my vaccination site on my arm…theoretically, because i’d been rubbing at it through my sweater, right?

still there friday am.  along with a crop of little red bumps up both arms.

friday afternoon, some of the bumps a bit bigger than “little.”  head straight on in to the occ health dr’s office.  i tell the nice nurse practitioner that i think i have disseminated vaccinia.  she takes one look at my arms, says “oh, hell, i think you do too.  may i take some pictures to send to the CDC?”  😯

disseminated vaccinia is a rare complication wherein your pox-ination manages to pox you all over instead of just creating that one blister where they put it at your arm.  it officially sucks.  all the little bumps are infectious, so one has to be quarantined to one’s house for the duration.

the occ health dr heads in so he can check it out too.  *he* thinks i have a staph dermatits, from bacteria invading the damaged skin at the site.  he says the pattern (the fact that it’s on my arms & neck rather than on my torso), time onset (10d later rather than 2 or 3), and the way the spots look all leans towards staph rather than vaccinia.  “cancel all your social plans for the weekend, don’t go to work monday.  come in here monday afternoon for your check up, and if the antibiotics have made improvements by then, you’re in the clear.”  ok, couple days off work, whatevers, but i’m getting on a plane to houston in 7d.  “no your not,” he says, “if you do have disseminated vaccinia, i’d be a health violation to let you on a plane.  i’ll write a letter so you can get your money back from the airline.”  needless to say, my mom is significantly pissed about this.

i find the whole thing hilarious, except that 1)this itches like hell.  zyrtec helps, but seriously, this is why dogs give themselves hot spots.  the ones on the edges of my ears are particularly devilish.  2)i had a lot of people to see in houston, god i hope this clears up over the weekend.  3)as of this am, i’ve developed a heinous paranoia about potential facial scarring.

good lord, wish me luck. 🙄


  1. DUDE, that SUCKS! I even planned to come into town on Saturday morning to extend visiting revelries!

    Can you send me some skin flakes or something? So I can throw them about the lab (assuming you have disseminated vaccinia)? That’d be AWESOME.

  2. ‘Chelle, major bummer. Course, now that you have the plauge perhaps you should visit congress. Just a little suggestion. I hope things get better so we can see you next week.

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