Posted by: fireweaver | December 18, 2006

no news is, well, no news.

went in for my re-check today…and apparently, i’m just as smart as the ol’ people-drs. when mom and several other people called me last night/this am to see if i thought i was better yet, i had to say i really didn’t know. i’m still bumpy. this still sucks. but i’m not dead yet, and things certainly aren’t worse.

that was pretty much his assessment, too. since the bumpies are holding steady as opposed to going away after 3d of antibiotics, now he’s worried about MRSA (sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!!! btw, that’s me being ****really**** sarcastic), which would just as effectively block me from getting on a goddamn plane friday. so, the update goes: more meds (big f’ing cannon type antibiotics. super-special fun is that one of them has a “don’t you be drinking no alcohol with this stuff” warning on it. seriously, wtf?!? i’m trapped alone in my house for a week and they think i’m not drinking?? X your fingers & wish my liver luck), re-re-check thursday. updates of course to follow…you’ll know when i do.



  1. oh my goodness, I had not read your blog since you got your shot…oh my…I’m so very sad that we will miss you. But I can’t believe that you are under quarantine. That is quite awful. On the slightly funny side, I keep picturing a black flag raised at your house to warn everyone to stay away… like is there a note on your door to warn people that your a bio-hazard? Well I’m upset for you….. so do oatmeal or baking soda baths help?

    Give you a call after I leave my in-laws on wed. or I’ll try tonight. I’m so feeling for you.

  2. Holy toledo, Batman!
    I hadn’t caught your posts in a while, either. I’ll call ya soon…
    Sorry we won’t get to see ya. 😦

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