Posted by: fireweaver | December 21, 2006

you are clear for takeoff

ok, kiddos, game on!

i was officially declared un-quarantined today, so whoever’s in TX, see you tomorrow.

things i learned and/or was reminded of whilst incarcerated:

1. you like me, you really really like me. everybody and their cat called me over the past week to check on me, make sure i wasn’t dead. and while that meant telling the same story 50 times, it did mean i got to catch up with a lot of people i otherwise might not have. i love you guys. i really don’t want to see this next cell phone bill.

2. the telephone game still happens when you’re long past elementary school. my boss called the other night to check up on me and “make sure you’re not going into the hospital.” huh? “i just got your message!” well….i left her a message on her cell way back last friday when i was diagnosed, but i guess she was only then getting it…no, no hospitalization in the works…everything’s cool here, in fact i feel like a big faker not being at work because i feel fine, i just look like a horrorshow. the very next day, one of my investigators calls me, “omg, are you ok, i heard you’re going into the hospital!!” apparently, the rumors were flying fast & thick at the ol’ BQ.

3. damn, this dog sheds a lot. happens so much/quick you can see it going on in real time.

4. people drs wing it just exactly as much as animal drs.

5. when playing in speed tournaments, the game is a lot harder than when you’re just playing it. i dunno why, but it’s annoying as all hell.

6. my job rocks because the people are so nice. see no.2, because they kept calling to check up on me, and not in a “damn girl you better get your ass back to work pronto” sort of way. AND a big tray of fresh fruit & cheese showed up tuesday am from those same nice people. feel the love.

7. people always say stuff like, “i just can’t sleep in like i used to, i don’t even need the alarm to wake up.” nope, not me. left to its own devices, my preferential circadian rhythm has been the same for at least a decade: sleep from 2am to 10am.

8. being quarantined is like the post-interview stage of being unemployed: nothing else to do, but you can’t leave the house. i sure hope mom has things she wants to do when i get there, and that i get to visit with people a lot, because i’ve quite had my fill of loafing aimlessly. i have NO idea how my brothers do it.

so, i’m free.  doing the laundry, packing, cleaning this house (it’s a disaster), finding an emergency dog-sitter.  see ya’ll in a lil while.


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