Posted by: fireweaver | December 24, 2006

things you get in the grocery store

your random tidbit for the day:

1.  whilst at the grocery store with mom yesterday, i was again reminded of the top reason to move back to the homeland:  stuff’s cheaper here.  osborne’s solaz tempranillo/cab that i’m so in love with was a teeny $7, and bogle’s petite syrah was $12.  sigh.  also, they had 2lb bags of clementines (tho from california, not spain) for a way teeny $3.  Lynn, i’m thinking of you, girl, these are some of the best i’ve had in a long time.

2.  one of my work-buds was checking up on me today, making sure i made it back here in one piece and all.  at some point in the conversation (stemming from my astounding discoveries in the grocery store), she remembered a product she’d seen on food network quite some time ago:  peanut butter sold in individually wrapped slices, like kraft singles.  this stuff would be a great help in medicating our monkey pals, so she wants me to look for it whilst i’m in another sales district.  if it works like one hypothesizes it will, the obvious answer would be to order it in bulk, like a food service pack, but of course we’d want to try it out as a med-delivery system first.  well, while their website is mighty useful on listing those food service size packages, it’s no help at all in locating a retailer near me, so here’s the apb for “p.b. singles”…anyone know where the hell i can find this stuff???



  1. It was great to see you in Houston, you looked great! Sorry it was such a short time, but it did my soul good to see you, still haven’t found your earing in my car, but still looking for Aubrey’s barett’s too.


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