Posted by: fireweaver | December 31, 2006

some minor eye-rolling

ever notice how when you’re sick, your whole life-outlook is just more pessimistic? which is to say, this post is a lengthy part homeland-catch-up, part minor-complaint-fest.

after spending a week looking terrible but feeling fine, i flew off to mom’s house…where she & korrie each had viral upper-respiratory issues…so i then spent a week looking fine but feeling terrible. sigh. moods were not improved with the addition of mom’s yappy little poodles, which feel the need to ALERT THE WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD any time anyone in the house so much as breathes. respiratory compromise + earsplitting barks = not much sleeping going on all last week.

kind of hard to get your drink on with your buddies when you can’t taste much and are already perpetually tired, but we gave it a go anyway (not that i was supposed to be drinking whilst on the big-cannon antibiotics, but for the love of god, i haven’t seen these people in quite a while). Ken & Suzy came over monday night with her homemade egg nog & a wee bottle of the captain (argh!). nog was A++, so were the amusing tales of the hellish life in south TX. mom even had to yell at us to move to the kitchen so as to be further away from her room when we died laughing, completing the high school hijinx. tuesday, i met up with the whole crew at a tex-mex place near Kara’s mom’s house, after which some of us adjourned to my place for round two of tale telling & hilarity. we preemptively parked it in the kitchen and proceeded to knock back several bottles of decent wine, some tasty cheese, and a smidge of mom’s cookies & kick-ass key lime pie.

man, i miss you guys. bail on the sunny cockroach-infested shores of the gulf and come to the east coast!!!

my plane left yesterday am. at the check-in, one of my suitcases was a couple of pounds overweight…never mind that the other was a small duffel bag many many pounds under the limit. i was told i had to re-distribute said cargo, zipper of my duffel be damned, or fork over $25 for the bag. hmmm…plane’s still gonna fly with the same Lb in its ass, so color me all kinds of irritated with this illogic. the first hank of laundry unearthed the bottle of wine Nat gave me, the transfer of which resulted in my suitcase being exactly 50.0 Lb. so much for carefully packing the wine in a soft core of clothes, but luckily the baggage handlers hadn’t hit their seriously aggressive strides by that time of the am, so things all made it through ok (and with zippers non-ruptured).

on the shuttle from the airport to my car, i was chatting with Di, herself newly come home from the parent’s place, and exhausted with various & sundry multitudes of other things, all leading to her bowing out for new year’s eve. now, Di has come up with the most fantastic plans ever for new year’s 3 years running, so i was leaving this party all up to her. ok, 2 days to go, better get on that one pronto.

at the very last possible minute, my next door neighbor had agreed to look after the dog for me for a week (asking around at work being rather difficult when one is not allowed to go to work), so he really rocks. i just wish the dog thought so, too. see, he’d looked after her once before, just overnight, and she’d hid upstairs in her crate, completely refusing to even come down the stairs to him that night or the next morning (yay, i got to clean the rug. f’ing lovely). for this round, i borrowed a baby gate from a work bud, and brought her crate down to the kitchen. turns out this time went better than that previous one, after she took a couple of days to get used to him. end result being that while my whole house (or rug) wasn’t destroyed, there were several places where she’d peed on the tile floor those first couple of days before she decided to be ok with him just opening the damn back door (he says he’d open the door and she’d just run around the kitchen table avoiding him). of course you could smell the urine as soon as you walked in the front door. after scrubbing and swiffer-mopping the floor, and leaving a candle going in the living room for most of yesterday, i think the worst of the odor is gone.

i caught up on a lot of missed sleep last night/this am. god i hope i’m really really over most of this cold by tomorrow, now that plans have happened.

Brian & Cary were up for going out for new year’s, as was Vivian, but nobody had a plan yet. after calling around to a handful of places, i stumbled across red maple’s website. we reserved the last table in the place, so *poof*, party’s happening. see you guys next year.



  1. Glad you had a great trip (even with the sickness) !! Wish I could have made it to Houston. Would have been great to hang out with you, Suz, Ken, Kara, and eggnog. 😀

  2. What??? You didn’t tell us there was Key Lime Pie!!! OH the HUMANITY!!!!

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