Posted by: fireweaver | January 1, 2007

recovered & ready to re-start

we had a blast last night.

red maple was all kinds of hip & trendy, with a fun multi-ethnic multi-aged crowd. killer music all night, getting progressively louder as the night went on, had us all doing little in-the-chair table dances. the food was wonderful, though a bit spicy for Vivian, and i ate the best steak i’ve had in a long time (all sprinkled with gorgonzola and hanging out in a balsamic-guiness reduction, yummmmm). cute martini variations were all super tasty, and service wasn’t unholy slow considering how packed the place was. instead of a baloon-drop at midnight, there was an african drum parade through the place, with the drummers & vocalist playing for a while afterwards until things went back into the house/trance groove. generally, i’m annoyed when guys hound me on the dance floor, but last night i was having fun with the attention, and ended up dancing the night away with a sleepy-eyed guy from mumbai (to the endless amusement & ragging of the rest of my crew, i caught his name as “king” – it was really loud by that point so god only knows what it really was) who had on the most amazing cologne. very spicy & a little sweet, like cardamom & pipe tobacco, i had everyone else sniff-test it from my jaw (Vivian didn’t like it, Cary thought it was ok, Brian found the whole thing hilarious and had another drink). much dancing and revelry followed (“vip, drinks on me,” yes, our boys from mumbai were helping to bring sexy back). later on the dance floor, something pelted my head, which turned out to be cream-colored roses, resulting in faux-samba rose-in-teeth dancing on the part of Cary & myself. much champagne was had by all, and when the drumming got too loud it was time to go home.

so now, i’ve spent 2 whole weeks playing computer games (got one of the clash & slash weekly high scores), reading like a crazy person (joan vinge rocks, but there’s a reason that anne rice’s ‘mummy‘ book didn’t sell like the vampire chronicles. blech), devouring netflix…in general, slacking off completely. and now i’ve found the thing that “i can’t do like i did when i was younger.” i’m SO bored. i’m really really ready to go acomplish something constructive at work tomorrow.


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