Posted by: fireweaver | January 2, 2007


this dog is such a crazy squirrel.

i’ve been home for 4.5 days now, and most of that time she’s spent upstairs hanging out in her crate.  apparently, today, she either noticed she wasn’t home alone, or else she forgave me for her weeklong abandonment (so not like her, she’s just not hostile like that in the first place).  about every 5 minutes she has to run in here and pant at me, and won’t go away until i hit pause on the game and play with her a while.  just about the time i get really into the next round, tick tick tick (damn, i’ve got to cut those bear claws back), here she comes.

i’m starting to wonder if dogs age like people with alzheimer’s,  an irregular swiss-cheese sort of thing where they’re sometimes there, sometimes not.  she has mornings where she’s so reluctant to get a move on, and others where she leaps out of the crate as soon as the gate’s open. afternoons like today where she’s a squirrely little kiddo and afternoons where she only puts in an appearance for food or the brief stroll out back.

but hey, we still have ice cream.  that’s apparently her official “quality of life marker”…the day she becomes disinterested in licking the bowl clean, we’ll know there’s a real and serious problem.



  1. See my doggie blog, yes I finally updated.

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