Posted by: fireweaver | January 2, 2007

random moment of goodness

i was surfing along through the craigslist personals ads this evening (generally, a hilarious way to spend your time), and stumbled across this one asking for an emergency last minute date for a black-tie formal event. this got me thinking, what on earth would i wear if i had to go to a formal with no time to shop?

several years ago, i think my first year in vet school, i decided that we needed to have a “grown up” new year’s eve party. all my peeps were still poor college students, so an actual formal event would have been out of everybody’s finances, but it’d still be fun to dress up. the guys all grumbled but had fun anyway, and of course all the girls thought it was a grand old time to bust out old prom or bridesmaid dresses, or to splurge on something new. i got mom to make me a dress in a berry-colored velvet in the strapless, sweetheart-neckline pattern that we’d used to wonderful effect for my h.s. senior formal.

i’ve gained a lot of weight since that close-fitted strapless dress was made for me, but i’ve lost a bit this summer. and that dress is hanging in my craft room closet.

guess what? thing still fits great. the color of my new year’s manicure even matches. if it wasn’t for my workday hairdo and my blue & white bra straps coming out of the top of that thing, i’d be just twinkly. a trip to the cleaners and some repair to the now scandalously-high leg slit (the result of overexuberant drunkenness all those years ago), and i’d be good to go.

thank you random man on the internet for boosting my self esteem, for once.



  1. I love those moments!!!

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