Posted by: fireweaver | January 3, 2007

redneck comedy

Vivian once asked me where the heck i hear about the movies that netflix sends me. typically, i have no idea. since my queue tends to hover around 50, by the time something gets around to showing up it’s a total surprise. after watching the weird, quirky, excellent indie ‘the station agent‘, i was raving about it the next day at work to Lynn…who then reminded me that she’d reccomended it to me months earlier.

tonight’s random tidbit was ‘run ronnie run‘, and yet again, i have NO idea where the hell this came from. the first 20 minutes are basically about a hapless trasher (fellow southerners, that’s your word of the day, as in trailer trash) who ends up on “cops” a few times. just when you think that’s all there is to it (really, mocking trailer park morons is shooting fish in a barrel), it all turns into a sly satire about pop culture in general, and the celebrity cult in specific. everybody & their cat is in this movie, and they’re all making fun of themselves. there’s a priceless bit with jeff goldblum, and his extended scene in the extras is even better.  bonus:  possibly the funniest fight scene ever.  whoever tipped me off to this one, thanks v.much for the hilarity.



  1. Be my Netflix buddy! (link deleted)

  2. heck yeah! amusingly enough, Suz, you’re the closest to my tastes of any of my netflix buddies, at 79% similar. woohoo! more random flixy goodness!

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