Posted by: fireweaver | January 5, 2007

poptimist insanity

this time of the year is always replete with year-end lists, most of which are just lame-o top 10 lists (though it’s always amusing to try and psychoanalyze movie critics based on how arty their lists are). i’ve found a couple this year that are just great, though, from the afore-posted time magazine’s year in medicine, to science magazine’s biggest breakthroughs of the year.

today, though, i read through most definitely my fave year-end breakdown: slate’s music of the year debate. it’s a series of open letters between 4 different critics with different tastes, so it covers an amazingly broad cross section of what’s out there today. each one of these letters is chock-full of hotlinks to exactly what these people are talking about. there’s youtube links to the videos for individual songs, amazon hits to the albums they’re discussing, pictures of crazy things bjork did/wore, a streaming radio station out of the middle east (“Live from the Axis of Evil: love songs and dope beats! ” hahaha), and a rather fascinating study about a computer program that predicts how catchy & enjoyable a song is based on tone/rhythm/etc (apparently, it’s totally scientific that ‘crazy’ got so stuck in your head). it’s a phenomenal way to waste many an hour catching up on stuff you missed and finding all new stuff to be giddy about.


  1. And where did you find out about that wonder group of Slate newsletters and e-mail lists?

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