Posted by: fireweaver | January 9, 2007

weird, weird, weird

1. sent me some reccomendations in my email, and the movies i hadn’t heard of got a look-up. after skimming through the description for “This Film Is Not Yet Rated” i decided to add this one into the queue on netflix. headed over to netflix, and lo & behold: the movie right up top in a big box being recommended to me? yep, the very same.  alternately, help me feel chagrined/creeped out that one of the onion’s headlining stories is about how amazon knows a chick better than her husband does.

2. the past 2 nights i’ve woken up through bizarre dreams about rushing through airports. what the hell? yesterday am, it was a tale in which the clock kept changing times, as did the flight time printed on my itinerary. if that wasn’t stressful enough, Ta (my grandmother on my dad’s side) was the person supposed to take me to the airport. now, Ta was diagnosed with an ocular melanoma several years ago, and after many random treatments (mom and i were ticked off at various times when dad & co failed to consult either family member with a shred of medical knowledge), she now has one eye replaced with an artificial one. also, she was never the sharpest driver…had a tendency to read her mail while driving around running errands…so this whole scenario was really frustrating.

the alarm clock this am got to jolt me out of a particularly surreal repetitive lynch-ian thingy where the bathroom at that same grandmother’s house was overgrown like a tropical grassland. one trip to the facilities, i found the tiny shrivelled up body of the dog…apparently, a giant spider had killed her the way they usually kill bugs. another trip, i found a tiny dried out dead pony. then, a giant snake chased me out of the junglebathroom. and then, surprise surprise, it was time to pack up my stuff and head to the airport. the security guy busted me for having my duffel & purse as well as a couple small objects (a can of peanuts, a little gift wrapped box. wtf?), and told me i had to chase down my luggage rapidly zipping by on an overhead conveyor belt to trim down my carry-ons to the expected 2. without being able to follow them, being as how they were on the other side of the security gate. ugh.

obviously, the very tasty valpolicella i’ve been drinking the past two nights had a rough time coming on the airplane into this country.



  1. I went to check Netflix – I had meant to add “this film is not yet rated” to my queue and totally forgot about it til I read your blog entry… and lo’ look what Netflix was recommending to me! Heh.

    Btw check out the Smartest Guys in the Room if the Enron fiasco interests you at all. I just finished it – it was really well done.

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