Posted by: fireweaver | January 22, 2007

let it snow

Allison sent me pics last week of her kiddo out playing in the snow in their front yard. in dallas. yes, people, as of last week, chunks of the homeland had had more snow than chunks of the eastern seaboard. we were all blissful in our mid-60s and all.

oh what a difference a couple of days makes, right?

after a phenomenally productive saturday, in which i procrastinated doing my piles of grant review and instead cleaned the whole house (shiny new blue vacuum from target…emptied the dirt cup ***5 times*** just doing stairs, couches, & rug), i had a master plan on sunday to jump into that mound of paper. oh, grant review, fun times, fun times. but you get to feel all cool and adult, hahahaha, i’m determining where our tax dollars end up. but lo, as if to save me from the scientific boredom, Vi & Justin called to ask if i’d like to join them for dim sum in columbia. of course i headed out (into the now super cold weather, adios balmy january) with a quickness and had a lovely time. most of the way through dinner, it started gently snowing, in little tiny sandy flakes that sometimes blew slowly sideways. Justin was dead convinced it wouldn’t stick, but since the high yesterday was only 27, i figured unless the laws of physics had changed while we were eating, it would indeed be all snowy. as we were lingering over that last cup of jasmine tea, more and more snow was happening, so i determined i should get the hell out of there before i got stuck in some snafu on the little one-lane 108 homebound. man, it sucks being right sometimes. 29 and 32, each larger multi-laned be-median’ed highways were perfectly fine though slow. but i wasn’t on 108 for 10 minutes before it all went to hell.

a plain-car cop felt the need to jet out of a small side street and onto 108 in the opposite direction, lights & siren a-blazing. the car ahead of me felt the need to do that good citizen thingy and pull over & stop for the emergency vehicle, only there’s no place to pull over on that road. it’s such a shitty feeling when you nail the brakes and nothing happens. just sliding along, as effective as if the brake line had been cut, across the frozen road. i knew i was going to hit him as soon as i’d stepped on the brakes, and sure enough, had plenty of time to just grit my teeth and cuss to god a bit. sounded like a shotgun going off in the car, of course.

we pull off as best we can (not much, see above) and proceed to hold up traffic in both directions for a half an hour. miraculously, there was no damage to either car (again, those laws of physics are so sweet. friction coefficient of zero results in no brakes for me but a nice slide after force/time for him). his passenger decided that since a cop had streaked out of there, obviously, we needed to call and report the accident anyway. well, while the two of us were busy trading info, this guy called 911 and complained about a massive headache. the arrival of fire dept emt’s didn’t exactly speed the flow of traffic. turns out the poor guy had high blood pressure and had just spiked up a bit after the crisis.

i’m still amazed by that last physics thing though. i mean, the deer i clipped a few months ago was a hell of a lot smaller than that guy’s car, but it did a hell of a lot more damage. not that i’m complaining, i really can’t afford any more car mishaps here, but still, it’s all just nutty.

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