Posted by: fireweaver | January 23, 2007

theater catch-up, 2006/7 version

oscar nominations are out now, and wow, am i behind this time. typically, no, i don’t give a crap about the insane glut of awards shows (people’s choice? golden globes? teen choice??? why god why), but the oscars, *that* i’m a retarded slave for. i thought it was bad last year when i’d only seen two of the best picture noms by the time things came out, but this year, i’ve only hit one, ‘little miss sunshine’, the dark horse for that race.

as i’m perusing the rest of the best pic list, though, i’m not all giddy about the rest of it. ‘babel’, i’ve heard, is just one big heaping mess, and after the director’s last heaping mess, i’m not so sure i want to subject myself to that again. i’d rather eat glass than sit through ‘letters from iwo jima’, war movies just not being my thing, especially “issues” war movies – i’m talking to you here, private ryan.  hmmm, ‘the queen’ sounded like a snooze the first time i heard about it, but if it shows up at the $3 theater by Vivian’s house, maybe.  likewise to ‘the departed’, because i liked the original quite a bit and i’m not sure a US remake would be such a better thing.  i’m just not in love with the pool to pick from in this list.  lots of the other races are similarly not inspiring me to get to the theater.  apparently it’s very much the year of small, dark, melodromatic downers.

meanwhile, i’m working on plans to catch ‘pan’s labyrinth’ this weekend w/Brian & Cary, which i’ve been giddy about for quite some time.  if you missed it, make sure to go find  del toro’s previous spanish civil war supernatural thriller, ‘the devil’s backbone’, which is incredible.  after finding someone who wants to hang out for ‘volver’ and ‘children of men’ with me, and catching ‘half nelson’ and ‘marie antoinette’ on dvd (lamely, they come out only the week before oscars, so here’s to hoping netflix gets em on the move quickly), i’m thinking i’ll be pretty much done with all i want to be.  any major reccomendations, please send ’em on.



  1. save yourself and don’t watch the glurge that is “children of men”

  2. I am going to go with Suz on this even though I am not sure of the defiition of “glurge.” While I think our buddy Clive got a bum for Derailed (pretty decent) and most of the issues with King Arthur had to do editing and writing and not his performance. . .I gotta admit, Children of Men is no Hollywoodland but still a slight bit of torture for me to sit through and when the lights came up I found myself going “hmmmm.” Even I was not quite sure what that meant. ¿Por qué, Alfonso, por qué?

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