Posted by: fireweaver | January 24, 2007

translational issues

i’m watching the trailer for ‘blood & chocolate’ last night at Melissa’s and today on imdb, and it occurs to me that the kinds of books that i just loooove make extremely bad movies. i mean, can anyone think of a good vampire movie since ‘dracula’ 15 years ago? or a good werewolf movie since ‘an american werewolf in london’??

the pilot ep for ‘the dresden files’ was on sunday night, and meh. hard to judge fairly when it’s so strikingly different from the books that i love (must. view. on. own. merits.), but it does seem kinda dumbed down. not like this is a mensa-requiring war-and-peace sort of book series to get through, but the tv show looks like it’s just going to have some magic-y stuff happen like superpowers, and toss all that character-building theory of magical practice stuff right out the window. still fun to watch, and the guy they cast as harry has potential, but i just hope they decide to go with “interesting” rather than “blammo”.


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