Posted by: fireweaver | January 30, 2007

crazy ideas

approximately once a year (because usually, that’s all it takes), i feel the need to grill during winter. inevitably during a snow flurry.

now, i tell everyone that i hit up the korean grocery store right next to my work because of the A++ fruit & veggie section, and true though that may be, i always at least glance over the ginormous meat & fish section too. usually, i come away unscathed by the temptation. not tonight, as the ribeyes were just so perfect looking. and not sometime soon, too, since whole tenderloins ready to be sliced are on for a whole whopping $4 per pound…meaning i could have a double handful of people over for filet f’ing mignon for less than $15 for the crew.

but tonight, tasty ribeye it was. btw, because i do buy plenty of veggies at the korean mart, let me tell you what i discovered tonight: slice a whole leek in half, drizzle it in a little bit of olive oil & sprinkle with sea salt & fresh cracked pepper, grill on the top rack above your very affordable steak from the korean mart, DAMN. the squash was pretty good on the grill, too, of course, but the leek? wow. magnificent. definitely try this at home.

the steak was of course super tasty, and grilling out in the snow cracks me up. shearling boots + first glass of wine = imperviousness to weather conditions. the only bad thing was that i couldn’t remember if the juan gil jumilla was a gift from a tragically-unthanked-much-beloved-friend, or something i grabbed when i fell for it at a tasting. for my red wine loving peeps, definitely go get some of this: rich, dark, inky, hi-alcohol but balanced, and wonderful with beef. yum. call me when you’re planning on opening it.



  1. Oh, the international pest issues!!!! The tubers they house there alone could possibly cause the fall of the US agriculture!. . . .But I will admit when you fix them they are damn tasty.

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