Posted by: fireweaver | January 31, 2007

test spin

for the past 3 weeks, we’ve been going to the “floor & chair” class of our exotic-dancerobics place, getting the hang of the lingo, figuring out the basic moves.  tonight, we went all-out and tried one of the pole classes.  i totally understand now why people go all crazy over this and buy brass poles to install in their living rooms.  wheeeee!!  one deliberately planted (sassy) little step and then whoosh!  spin around that thing but catch yourself at just the right time so you don’t fall over when your legs get all wrapped over each other like a twist-tie.  it’s tricky, but wow it’s fun.  not all an endless party, we did do a lot of leg work that will leave me walking questionably in the am, but still.

and stripper shoes, my girls, definitely contribute to the ass-kickery.   oww.  i mean, whee!



  1. Hi I just tried to email you about finding out if there are some classes like this in my area,and if it weren’t to much trouble could you connect me with some info. I’ve been looking to go back to the gym,but couldn’t find the right classes. I wanted to tone and tighten as well as come out of my shell a bit. More importantly add some spice to my relationship. So please if you can help me,I would be in debted to you for ever.big time. Once I try the class I would love to post a helpful opinion about it,but until then please don’t post this.


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