Posted by: fireweaver | February 5, 2007

epic idiocy

we all know people are morons. individual people, of course, are perfectly fine, but taken as a whole, the human race is packed full of stupidity. we know and accept all of this, and just move along with our little lives. but sometimes, i get that reminder of just how horribly shitty all the sheeples are, and now i quite expect to be in a downward spiral of misanthropy for a couple of days.

last year, there were tales floating around the news about this utter moron that had been appointed the health minister of south africa. her master plan was that HIV could be adequately treated with garlic and beetroot, and all that fancy-schmancy western retroviral therapy was just an expensive waste. her bs set back the AIDS crisis in that corner of the world decades, and was obviously a damn shame. but she’s just one person, and south africa’s not exactly the first-world ivory-tower harvard medical community, so you have expect some decree of grand f-up-ery, i guess, right?

dear god, she’s not alone.

i’m reading a post off of seed today, wherein an ongoing trial in australia is described. turns out this HIV+ person went around sleeping with people telling them he had cancer instead, and now, 3 of these women are suing him. among the “expert” witnesses for the defense are a couple of bozos prominent in the AIDS-denialist faction, who are busy claiming that AIDS is in fact caused by semen oxidizing in the rectum after gay sex, not by any virus at all (apparently 13 year old Ryan White was a ninja artist of stealth when it came to hiding his double life). head bozo, when asked if she’d have unprotected vaginal sex with an HIV+ man, says, “any time.”

waitwaitwait, WTF?! AIDS DENIALISTS???? i’m sure i’m not surprising some of you, but there’s an entire movement (the politically correct-group-think of the wiki calls it “AIDS reappraisal“) that claims that HIV is all a hoax.  never mind any science, never mind that Koch bozo, what evidince? pshaw!  sleep around with who you want to, just avoiding the rectum like god intended, and live out your life consequence-free because that AIDS thing is just some crap the man invented so’s he could make big cash selling drugs.  i’m going to go cry now.



  1. That is an interesting article. I do however have some quesries about AIDS. I came across this video which seemed at first to be unbelieveable but after a bit of research I have slowly come around to the idea, but am yet to be fully persuaded.

    You may well call this ‘epic idiocy’, but its worth a look if you are unfamiliar with the topic.

  2. we’re battling over the HPV vaccine at my blog. And idiocy indeed. I started looking at the HIV denialists whatever pages and geezus. The stoopidity. And if you’d like to add to the stupid, Uncle Dave buys into this crap (ok, you love him, but you knew he would).

    Blatant advertisement – free HPV bracelets (ok, that doesn’t sound so hot) at or somethingerother. It’s from Merck, but cute beads are always in.

  3. i’ve avoided the temptation to simply delete the 1st comment off of here, so as to not drive traffic to this tragically misinformed propaganda. my liberal free-speech-y-ness prevents me from doing so, however.

    basically, that poster is on the more conservative end of wrong as far as HIV-denialism goes, saying that AZT and similar drugs are in fact responsible for AIDS as opposed to the virus. contrast that view to the “semen oxidizes in the rectum” theory of AIDS, and imagine all the possible points in between, and that’s the spectrum of the argument.

    i didn’t go on refuting the argument in my original post because HIV being the cause of AIDS is accepted fact in the majority of the informed medical community, and i thought it would rather be like trying to prove to a blind man the particular shade of blue the sky is while an audience of sighted people looked on. i’m going to continue to not scream sky blue now, but instead, argue this particular point like the veterinarian i am: if anti-retroviral drugs are the actual cause of AIDS, then why is it that animals that are infected with their own species-specific lentivirus retroviridae (i.e., FIV for cats, SIV for monkeys) die of opportunistic infections even though we do not treat them with AZT?

  4. Because assmonkeys from the planet uranus are f_cking with your results.. DUH…

    Or it’s all a conspiracy from evil big pharma headed by Jews who control the world (who incidentally took time out of their lives to fake the Holocaust) to force people to eat retroviral meds created by Elvis who never died and get tested for HIV. Just like you shouldn’t vaccinate your kids against cancer. All a big giant conspiracy, set forth by scientists who don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground and smear poo on walls and declare that the world is round from NO GOD DAMNED EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER

    I’d cry, but then I’d never stop. And the assmonkeys would get me, too.

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