Posted by: fireweaver | February 12, 2007

catching up

man, i’m just off.  apparently, i’m having a prolonged Matt-moment (in which, if nothing of huge interest is actually happening, one feels the need to not blog).  hopefully, i’ll get over it soon, and remember that nothing happening has nothing to do with announcing it happened to everyone.

last week, we had to skip out of hookerdancing due to the twins needing to write grants/work/pack for their trip to FL, and this week, i’m thinking we’ll be skipping again due to weather.  the drive home today was iron grey with fat wet rainy snow plops, and tomorrow and wednesday are supposed to be all ice & sleet.  i completely fell off my exercise wagon last week what with a convenient crop of “things that must be done” popping up.  no dance class + no gazelle-jogging = me feeling all blah.  amazing how quickly i could tell a difference in my cardio parameters/stamina/back muscles, and equally amazing how soon i noticed the difference in the opposite direction when i didn’t get around to any activity.

crop of “things that must be done” for this week:  1.  get back on damn gazelle every day like a good girl.  2.  give dog a bath and 3.  paint guest bathroom, because Kris is coming up this weekend.

the bathroom upstairs has been a blank spot in my masterplan of making the place all me-ish.  i really hate that bathroom.  some nut put up a silver towel bar that didn’t match the brass & oak vanity, but did exactly match the one towel bar in my bathroom (moved that right over, i’m a long-haired chick, 2 towel bars are nice to have).  additionally, the tp holder and hand towel ring in there are in bright kiddie primary colors (red & yellow, yay) that perfectly compliment the aforementioned oak and the antiqued-brass & “ancient stone” looking light fixture.  **nothing** in that room remotely goes together.  and the broad square brush strokes around things make it kinda obvious that none of the hardware was taken down when they last painted in there.  all in all, not so sexy.  i’ve never actually put toilet paper on the holder as a personal little protest to the hideousness of it all.

so, hell, if i’m going to be snowed in for a couple of days (one of the weather reports claims that we will have a 2-5″ buildup of ice over tuesday night, which would seriously impede my commute to work), i might as well fix all that.  got a plan for color in there, and stopped by hd for new fixtures that now all actually match each other.  fun times.

now all i have to do is come up with a plan to fix the bland white (but not kiddie horrorshow) downstairs bathroom someday, too.



  1. Yeah!!!! Now I will have a pretty bed and bath!!!

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