Posted by: fireweaver | February 13, 2007

nosy gossip queen(s)

i got an email from Suzy today asking me a question about mouse anatomy (age of adult maturation of mouse skulls. anyone?) phrased in the form of a trashy advice columnist query, which was ironic considering that i’d just spent the majority of my lunchtime cruising trashy advice columns.

yep, that’s my reality tv. for all the sass i dole out about not watching the utter cesspool of what’s on tv in the post-‘real world’ years, i apparently need my jerry springer fix just as much as the next person. i’m a sucker for people’s retarded personal crises, but done in polite text so i don’t have to listen to anyone whine, i guess.

dear margo cracks me up because she’s someones former-society-dame catty old auntie, and she gives rather snarkier answers than stuffy old dear abby. her questions tend to be only very slightly risque, on the level of a harlequin romance novel, so it’s tame hilarity, but amusing nonetheless. also, she writes a new one at least a few times a week, so pretty much every time you check, there’s a tiny dose of voyeur fun. better than that, i look forward to thursdays, when a new dear prudence gets dropped on slate. sometimes, the blandness of the questions reduces the fun, but the lively parody-rich discusion board makes it all worth it. there are several people that churn out their own answers to the same list of embarassing personal situations, but cranking up the witty sign-offs or making the tone just a little more evil. best of all is wednesday, of course, when the snarkiest trashiest gossip queen ever churns out a new savage love. questions about things you just can’t discuss in polite society + answers written when the encyclopedia of all things kinky is occasionally admittedly drunk or high = best snark ever.

and that’s my weekly line-up, enjoy.



  1. I shall strive to always ask emails in that format

    Respectfully yours,

    Roden Wrangler

    (and ps: your answer did help – they’re doing stereotaxic voodoo on the meeces and just wanted to make sure that they’re actually using full grown meeces – though their f’ing protocol should tell them what to do)

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