Posted by: fireweaver | February 16, 2007

sometimes it’s all good

because it’s not always about chimp attacks, here’s the list of excellent (party on bill, party on ted) things that happened to me this week:

1. got the bathroom all painted. *love* it. 2 pics added to the e-tour of my house. managed to hang new fixtures last night without screwing up the wall or getting things all crooked.

2. i’m picking Kris up from the airport in a couple of hours, so in addition to having a whole 3 days wherein i don’t have to get up and go chip ice off the windshield 1st thing in the am, i also get to have fun houseguests.

3. while playing my e-crack games on grab wednesday night, i had yahoo im open. a random guy sent me a hello, and after chatting a few minutes, he asked if he could call instead. at first, i said no, being as how the last thing i need is a crazy stalker guy and therefore i can’t encourage craziness. eventually, i had a ‘what the hell’ moment, and the next thing you know, i ended up having a funny, intelligent, rational conversation for 45 minutes with an actual decent interesting person. huh.

4. mom informed me she has actually purchased plane tickets! wow!!! anyone else that wants to come on up, the 30th annual spring bbq will be march 17th.

5. Vivian called me this week, and out of the blue says, “hey, i got us pretty good tickets to the Police at madison square gardens in august.” damn. i didn’t even know that was the plan, but sweet! thanks!

everyone, have a super holiday weekend, even if ya gotta work.


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