Posted by: fireweaver | February 20, 2007

potential good times & real good times

Kris & her bud Lexi were up here for the long weekend, and we had such a dorm-room schoolgirl blast the whole time.

friday night was a leisurely dinner at iron bridge on the way home from the airport, letting Lex know what the heck she’d gotten herself into up here.

saturday night, we headed up to the ottobar in b’more to go see the pearlfishers (a band Bruce manages…also, conveniently possessed of a hot lead singer & even tastier bassist). we noticed several scarily familiar faces around, and for the couple of you that were there for the show last year at sonar, you will likewise feel the fear when i tell you that the big black dude that headed up mother-daughter action was around. fortunately, Bruce informed us that we would not be inflicted with that particular torture again, but that instead, the big guy was the new drummer. happily, we can report that he works out great in that role. the whole place was packed with a bizarre brit invasion 60s/70s revival thing, including a gallery of the worst moustaches ever. the guys sounded rather good, and the 2nd act, soft, was amazing. even if the music hadn’t been good, the people watching was A++, and it’s always so sexy in that inner-rockstar sort of way to say “oh, we’re on the guest list” and sail on past paying the cover.

after briefly blowing through a couple of the smithsonian museums (‘cuz touristy stuff in d.c. is fun, and hey, Lex hadn’t ever been here), sunday night was dinner at marrakesh with Justin and a work friend (Sara, witness to the heinous chimp attack, ha). the weather was a bit crappy, with a light dusting of wet mushy snow, which made it kind of hard to discern lanes on the road. as i was trying to turn left onto the restaurant’s street, i mistook the middle lane for a turn lane (oops) since i couldn’t tell the color of the stripes, and a cop promptly pulled me over as soon as the light went green. can’t bitch too much, though, since the ticket is only $25.

i always love seeing Kris, and i totally loved Lexi, so they can head on back anytime. 🙂

meanwhile, the relatively normal guy i had the relatively normal chat with (see previous post) on valentine’s day had waited the de rigeur 2 days before recontact, only to catch my voice mail as we were just being seated at iron bridge. i called back the following am to get his voice mail. he of course tried again as we were hanging out in-between sets at ottobar, so this time got me yelling “hi, i’d talk but i can’t hear you in here, hope your weekend is as fun as mine, later!” amazingly enough, rather than give up at that point, his next call (of course) hit during sunday’s dinner. Kris and i were both impressed at how casual but not pissed off he sounded on the message he left me. we did finally manage to actually speak with each other for a little bit after i dropped the girls off at the airport, so i’ll update as that develops.

the other meanwhile would be about a random posting i saw a couple weeks ago on craigslist. the guy in question threw up a one-liner asking after “a redhead with lots of books.” now, as far as extremely terse descriptions go, i’d say that’s pretty much me, so i dropped him a line to ask what he was planning to offer in exchange for said bookish redhead. a handful of witty and intelligent emails followed, and this guy was definitely one of the more amusing web finds in quite some time. then nothing for a couple of days, and then, a really really bizarre short note to inform me that he was a) terrified of dogs and b) thought i was “really hot” and had an “intriguing mind” which somehow added up to not wanting a relationship. wow, what the hell? his next explanation was “i don’t envision us in a relationship (because of he dog issue etc). what i’m interested in is something, um, a bit more casual than a relationship…. how does that sound to you?” after asking if he was defining “casual” as having a low level of interaction with my dog (again, seriously, the crack in d.c. must be just great), it then comes out that he’s apparently looking for a low-c0mmitment sort of gig. but what a goofy way to get that point across.

you know, though? even as little as a month ago, i was getting all hung up on my single-ness. obviously, the situation hasn’t appreciably changed at all, but for some reason, i’m ok with it all again. maybe it’s just the longer days and earlier sunrises dispelling some minor seasonal depression. or maybe, i just need to have occasional tangible tidbits of proof that there are in fact interesting single people my age. even when they’re way wacky.



  1. How could Sheba be terrifying ? Oh well… I guess it was better it never started than to find out you REALLY like this guy and then the dog thing pulls it apart. It would definitely be hard for a vet to date a non-animal person.

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