Posted by: fireweaver | February 21, 2007


or, apparently, word of hooker-dancin’ classes has spread.

i’m chilling out after work today with a glass of wine, some tasty cheese (sottocenare tartufo is seriously made by god, or little cherubs, or ewan macgregor, or something else really good), and a round of games on, when i get a random “HI!!!” from someone.  random “hi”s do happen, but rarely all-capped and so very very excited.  the message sender claims (nothing on the profile, of course) to be a 26 year old female production assistant and starts asking me questions about my opinions on adult films.  riiiight.  “if you’re going to pitch, just do it,” i say.  and there it is.  random weirdos offering me 8 grand to perform various bisexual acts on film.

this, my friends, is completely utterly goofily surreal.

besides,  i’d look like hell sprawled naked across an iroc hood on the dvd box.



  1. maybe craigslist guy sent in your picture ? He did say he was looking for redheads. 😀

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