Posted by: fireweaver | February 27, 2007

snowy photography

on sunday, we had another wonderfully perfect snowfall: the kind of big, fat wet flakes that accumulate into postcard-styled drifts, and a total lack of wind to disturb the growing piles along tree branches. so pretty to watch, so impractical when you’re planning on going somewhere. i was in the midst of composing a note to whatever deity watches over me:

dear god, i know i said that slacking off on exercising was bad, but this shoveling snow as a substitute thing just isn’t working for me. for one thing, being right-handed, this is just not a symmetrical workout. also, it sucks. please stop. thanks, me.

but just then some little neighborhood kids came by and asked if i’d give ’em $3 to clear the sidewalks. heck yes. which meant that i only had to unearth the car to head of to Di’s for the oscars. in between digging & driving off, i was once again inspired by the fairy tale snow to act all artistic with my digital camera. i got lots of angled shots of ice-tipped snow drifts, and i think my favorite pic ever of the dog:

pic is linked to a larger version, and the full-sized one is even better, with her intelligent and noble gaze. amuse yourselves with other things uploaded on the same day to marvel at my super artistic stylings.

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