Posted by: fireweaver | February 28, 2007

friendship = good thai?

when you move to a new place, there’s a few key things you have to find: various grocery stores, a few routes between your house and your job, gas stations, the walmart and/or target, the good thai restaurant, and the good indian restaurant. somewhere along the way, i’ve abandoned the quest for indian food (perhaps i’m still sad about mt.everest in towson closing up?), but due to the inspirations of visits by Kris & Vivian, i found the spot basically agreed on to be the best thai in montgomery county within a month or so of ending up down here.

this past sunday, after taking my artsy pictures, i was cruising along craigslist being entertained by my fellow man. in addition to the job postings & personals, there’s a section for “strictly platonic” postings. having never checked that section out, and just killing time before heading over to Di’s, i was reading what the friend-seekers had to say when lo! “does anyone know where to get good thai or sushi around here” posted in, yep, the exact part of town i live in. it’s a brief ad, just indicating that this guy (same age as i am) is new to town and looking to go eat some dinner. well, you gotta share the knowledge, right, so i send him to benjarong‘s website before heading off to Di’s.

i get an email from him at work yesterday am asking if i’d like to go acquire some of said tasty food sometime soon, and a series of short emails got traded off most of the afternoon. turns out he (NIH bioscientist) & his wife (ag prof) moved to the area from out of state just a couple of months ago, she’s way into wine, he’s way into indie & sci fi flicks…next thing you know, i’m meeting this guy for thai last night (she’s out of town for a couple days), and we close the place down.  tales of hilarity in airports, movie reviews good & bad, workings of ACUC’s and FFA…neither one of us shut up for a couple of hours.  i’m telling you, if any of my internet-located dates went half as good, i’d be set.  maybe that was it, though, that there was no pressure to be “on” or be impressive or be anything in particular, just a good time chilling with a bud.  and while the set-up sounds kind of unusual, trust me, there was no creepy anything about the situation at all.  and hey, i might even end up with local-based sidekicks to go to all these super wine tastings on the weekends.



  1. Hey Michelle-
    If you want good indian food by you try Madras Palace- it is near the Kentlands, can’t remember the address but it has one of the best Sat/Sun buffets ever. Will put you in an indian food coma.

  2. Maybe your new friend has some like-minded guy friends 🙂 I wish I could find good Indian food here.. I’ve kinda given up. There’s lots of good Thai, though.

  3. mmm, thanks Lynn! and ‘Stine, you better believe that the idea has occurred to me that perhaps he knows some single, redhead-appreciating nerds on the NIH campus.

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